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Get To Know Michael White 


Michael White Also known as "Myko Millions" is a California raised Self made Entrepreneur and mentor that prides himself in reshaping our everyday Entrepreneurs lives in strategic planning. Moreover, his extensive knowledge in multi managing multiple corporations at once is what sets him apart. Michael has been owning his own transportation businesses for over a decade from owning Moving Corporations, to owning an entire transportation empire and building his fleet he manages up to a staggering 7 trucks to date. To say the least for a young man doing the most Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has grown in popularity and influence for setting up multiple corporations. He has mostly built a savvy approach to the transportation industry, owning two leading nationwide logistics businesses: Integrated Diverse Solutions and Bel Enterprise Inc. Besides that he has been very passionate in helping others start there own business as well and has been involved in mentoring individuals for over six years. He now has created his own Packs and programs that will reinvent our everyday entrepreneur's and the way they do business. As the pandemic hit the world’s economies, the logistics and transportation industry continued to thrive. Michael took the chance to capitalize on the demand and scaled massively during surgical lockdowns. Today, Michael has established his own keep quite well and now looks to expand his mission in life, looking to help other people follow in his footsteps and experience the same level of freedom and meaning. “My mission is very simple: to teach everyone that is dedicated toward becoming an entrepreneur how to do it in the simplest form available in the market,” expresses Michael White.

Michael has been very involved in the corporate world since a young age, he was an Account Executive at the age of fifteen. Michael opened his first business at the age of twenty and grew into three corporations by the age of twenty-one . Michael currently operates a fleet of trucks that provides transportation services to various companies, including global giants like Walmart, UPS, and FedEx, to name a few. At only twenty-nine years old, he has built over a decade’s worth of business success and skyrocketed as an expert in the field of delivery and transportation. He started at the age of twenty with one truck and scaled to three trucks in less than one year with zero experience in the freight industry. With nothing but a solid work ethic and perseverance, he scaled his business into the empire that it is today. He also has other ventures he is involved in like his Pharmaceutical business, he also pools a lot of his funds in investing in the stock market, Gold Bullion as well as local Real estate projects.


But Michael's life wasn't all a uphill venture besides him being involved in the business arena at a young age, he was also disrupted by the streets he grew up in south central Los Angeles district. His Mother worked her hardest to keep him from the area he was so connected to located in the Crenshaw district which lead up to him being incarcerated until the age of twenty. Michael used that time to study and earn his certification in Web design and also attended distant college courses in Business Management while being incarcerated, he also used that time to study for his Commercial drivers license. He was able to formulate his exit route once he was released. Michael has always been goal orientated and has wanted to own his own transportation business since the age of thirteen. Through his dedication he has grew pass his circumstances and troubles with the law. His initiative is a clear direction that no matter your predicament with a well thought out plan of action you to can obtain a massive success and be a leader in any field you choose. Now he has has dedicated his cause towards teaching individuals there potential and is very involved in his community as well as many Prospective Business Counsels.


My mission is very simple to teach everyone that is dedicated towards becoming an entrepreneur how to do it in the simplest form available in the market. Whether that be starting your own business, starting a transportation business, how to run your transportation business how to stay compliant with your local state, moreover how to continue year after year this same pattern to continue your success for years to come, until your just adding fuel to your corporate machine.

Look at us a your navigation your road map to success we know your final destination because we have been there and completed the toughest journey's. Now its time for your cause and to see the effect you can dictate not saying it will be easy but if you fully dedicate yourself to our packs and programs we can guarantee once you complete them they will fulfill there purpose and you will be coming back for more info once you relize the rewards that are locked within completing this information step by step. See you once you see to it 

Michael aims to help more people become entrepreneurs and design a life that they can be proud of while also scaling Integrated Diverse Solutions and Bel Enterprise Inc. to new heights.

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