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Michael White Also known as "Myko Millions" is a proud father of four kids but his major successes besides his family his "foundation" is his extensive knowledge in multi managing multiple corporations at once. Michael has been owning his own transportation businesses for nearly a decade from owning Moving Corporations, to owning an entire transportation empire and building his fleet he manages up to a staggering seven trucks. Michael currently operates a fleet of trucks that provides transportation services to various companies, including global giants like Walmart, UPS, and FedEx, to name a few. At only twenty-nine years old, he has built over a decade’s worth of business success and skyrocketed as an expert in the field of delivery and transportation. Besides just that he has been very passionate in helping others start their own businesses as well and has been involved in mentoring individuals for over six years. He now has created his own Packs and programs that will reinvent our everyday entrepreneur's and the way they do business.


 As the pandemic hit the world’s economies, the logistics and transportation industry continued to thrive. Michael took the chance to capitalize on the demand and scaled massively during surgical lockdowns. Michael's mission is very simple to teach everyone that is dedicated towards becoming an entrepreneur how to do it in the simplest form available in the market. Whether that be starting your own business, starting a transportation business, how to run your transportation business how to stay compliant with your local state, moreover how to continue year after year this same pattern to continue your success for years to come, until your just adding fuel to your corporate machine. Today, Michael has established his own keep quite well and now looks to expand his mission in life, looking to help other people follow in his footsteps and experience the same level of freedom.

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  • Elite Corporate Development

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  • ​Elite Sustainability

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